Theory Of Change


Design and implement integrated innovative and scalable breakthrough models and approaches in trauma healing for communities affected by large-scale traumatic events including genocide, mass killings, terrorism, and natural disasters. We are currently testing an innovative and scalable integrated “community-based social healing” model in Rwanda post-genocide to address traumas.

Scale up

Based on evidence and lessons learned from our social innovation, we bring to scale the interventions and we leverage partnerships and evidence-based advocacy for a ‘writ large’ impact.

Evidence-based advocacy

Through research, we get sense of what works and what does not. We then use evidence to advocate and campaign for alternative policies and practices that enhance societal healing and sustainable development.

Partnerships building

We collaborate with the community we serve, the civil society organizations, the government, the private sector and the academia to share knowledge and to build capacity to bring about positive social change for societal healing and sustainable development.


We improving lives of trauma-affected individuals and communities alike, convinced that everyone deserves a dignified life