Our Model

Our model: integrated community-based social healing model

Our community-based social healing model is an integrated model, which builds on the new recent development in neuroscience, especially neuro-imaging and trauma healing.Our model aims at optimizing individual trauma healing in a traumatized society, integrating the practices of Transpersonal Psychology (TPP) using meditative practices that involve the movement of the body such as Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, Yoga and Acupressure to increase mindfulness and Experiential Learning (EL) tools including storytelling, use of metaphors and collective rituals. The TPP and EL complement each other. Bodywork increases self-awareness and healing through the brain restructuring. It makes severely traumatized individuals ready for storytelling that restores the connection, meaning and purpose.

In collaboration with local authorities, we select Community Healing Assistants (CHAs), train them in trauma and our integrated social healing model. We equip them with group facilitation skills. They return in the community, recruit those who have trauma-related symptoms and form healing groups of 15-20 people each. Each group is facilitated by 2 CHAs for 15 weeks in terms of a 3-hour session a week, with monthly supportive supervision by a psychologist. This provides the community members with the foundations for longer-term healing interactions, mutual support and resilience. Complicated cases or those with high risk of suicide are referred to the health clinic for medical management.

We improving lives of trauma-affected individuals and communities alike, convinced that everyone deserves a dignified life