Impact and inspiring testimonies

In June 2017, we launched a proof-of-concept pilot project to test our integrated community-based social healing model in 2 Sectors of Kamonyi District, Southern Province in Rwanda.

  • 80 Community Healing Assistants (CHAs) including 48 Females and 32 males have been trained in basic notion of trauma, our model and have gained group facilitation skills.
  • Over 1176 trauma-affected community members including 638 females and 230 males have graduated from the healing journey with over 90% retention.

Based on preliminary results from the pilot involving 607 people as described in our publication, the outcome is very encouraging so far as the figure shows the below.

Our Impact Chart Graph

The effects of the intervention are measured in percentage. For instance, suicide tendency decreased from 53% to 23% of our respondents. Though these results, like the pilot study itself, are still preliminary in nature, there is a consistent trend of decline across all the negative indicators of PTSD symptoms and reconciliation challenges as the table shows. There is also a consistent trend of improvement across the three positive indicators of social cohesion, suggesting a great potential impact.

Stories and testimonials

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