Providing psychological support to those affected by Covid-19

Clotilde is a 64 years old mother, genocide survivor. All her family members were killed during genocide. Luckily, she has one daughter born after the genocide. The latter takes care of her mother, and comforts her especially during the memorial period from April to June. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19. Rwanda is on lockdown. As Clotilde can’t see her daughter who is in the Capital city, she had an emotional crisis during this genocide memorial period. The local authorities called Renatha our Community Healing Assistant (CHA) for support. Renatha uses techniques that she learned for such circumstances; she teaches her to breathe deeply and practices active listening and mobilizes neighbors to organize to help her for domestic work. None of the CHAs has given in to either COVID-19 or trauma reactivation during this difficult time. They are all supporting the community to deal with trauma and restore hope.

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